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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Saves energy.
  • Adds comfort to life with heat and sound insulation.
  • Healthy. It provides protection against pests and pollen.
  • Enriches living spaces and increases their usage.
It can be applied to all kinds of balconies in a healthy way, including flat, L, U, round or polygonal.
Glass balcony application, since all of the wings can be opened inside, while the closed part is closed while the windows are folded in, the cleaning is very comfortable and it is safe because it will stay inside the balcony.
It complies with the zoning legislation. It can be done in no way without the need for a permit or license, there is a decision of the State Council regarding this issue. This folding and fully openable system can be safely applied.
It is produced by keeping the security factor in the foreground. Double lock system is applied to prevent children from opening easily. Since the lock system is inside the balcony, it cannot be opened from the outside. It creates a deterrent against theft.
It can change according to your care and usage sensitivity. The materials used are designed to be used in all conditions. When materials suitable for these conditions are not used, deterioration and rusting may occur in glass balcony systems after a certain period of time. To avoid such situations, you can choose the expert Feyzoğlu Glass Balcony.
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