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Privacy & Policy

Our website automatically records basic contact information such as phone and e-mail of visitors who fill out application and contact forms such as newsletter, discovery, callback. The main purpose of this system is to inform our visitors about the announcements and campaigns that may be of interest to them and to facilitate their operations.

Our visitors can update or delete their information by sending an e-mail to info@feyzoglu.com.tr. Your information will not be shared with third parties, except for legal reasons.

Terms of Use

  • This website has been prepared for promotional purposes.
  • All rights belong to Feyzoğlu İnşaat Turizm Ticaret Limited Şirketi.
  • The materials in the site content cannot be copied without permission.
  • Changes can be made to the content and images if necessary.
  • Our company cannot be held responsible for the information published through reference sites.
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