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Winter Garden

Winter Garden

It provides very special places for those who want to experience spring in four seasons in summer, in winter, in touch with nature. The system, which can be combined with other Vitrum products according to the changing seasonal conditions and user demands, can meet many needs.

t attracts attention with its durability and aesthetic details, providing excellent thermal insulation, using superior sealing technology. With the Winter gardens, which attract more attention every day, a peaceful environment will be waiting for you in every season of the year. Vitrum winter garden, which can serve as a pleasant area where you can realize all your hobbies, is the first choice of those who care about their living spaces. You can safely apply to your villas, detached buildings. The winter garden is ideal for sipping coffee in the greenery, reading books, listening to music, and sharing them with your loved ones while the snow is storm.

  • Winter Garden
  • Winter Garden
  • Winter Garden
  • Winter Garden
  • Winter Garden
  • Winter Garden
  • Winter Garden
  • Winter Garden
  • Width: 131.2 mm
  • Gasket: Brush Gasket
  • Number of Seals: Inner - Outer / Double Row
  • Wing Breaks: Aluminum Cover Profile
  • Glass Applications: 8 mm tempered single glass
  • Mechanism: 45.2 mm wheeled design (special diameter)

Feyzoğlu is one of the leading companies in the sector with its modern and high quality production understanding and the value it gives to its customers. It has a wide service network and product portfolio. It offers the most ideal solutions for every need and budget.

It uses its own high quality profile. It applies prices directly from the factory to the public and offers favorable payment terms.

What are the highlights

  • High quality profile production.
  • It provides energy saving with up to 100% thermal insulation.
  • Sound insulation for a peaceful living space.
  • Maximum durability approved by quality control tests.
  • Impermeability guarantee with rain gutter and water drainage system.
  • Advanced safety mechanisms, safety and child lock.
  • Environmentally friendly product that respects the future.
  • 100% domestic production advantage.
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